Concept of Financial inclusion is introduced in AgriM@rt where farmers, middlemen and their businesses would have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs that are delivered in a responsible and sustainable mechanism. Payments to


Farmers would be able to get their crops insured by AgriM@rt’s partner insurance companies on competitive rates to secure the investments and prevention of their produces in case of any disease outbreak or unforeseen natural disasters. The same would apply


AgriM@rt offers warehousing and Cold Storage facilities for non- perishable and perishable items respectively. The Clients would be able to store their produce on competitive rates from the location- based services and space availability from a list of warehouses registered


AgriM@rt offers an Uber/Careem Model for transportation of produces from farms to destinations nationwide for convenience of its clients. Apart from that, a complete Logistics transparency and tracking of produce from farm to warehouse to final destination is offered by

Agricultural Equipment

Rental machinery for farmers at farm site,Introduction of Electric Mini Tractors in the market and Indigenous resources based Charging Stations for Tractors batteries to reduce input costs by eliminating fossil fuel dependency (during roll out phase). Agricultural Equipment Request Form

Recent Work

Provision of Hybrid Seeds to local market, Installation of Drip irrigation system at strawberry fields, Solar powered tube wells at easy installments and subsidized rate.